PCaW were invited to attend an event in Brussels at the European Union Parliament to remember Maltese journalist and anti-corruption activitist Daphne Caruana Galizia who was murdered last year in a car bomb.

The conference, ‘Protecting the truth: Safety for Journalists and Whistleblowers’  was organised by the European United Left/Nordic Green Left.  It was opened by Daphne’s son Andrew who addressed the EU Parliament with a moving speech declaring that the “fight for truth and justice is a universal one”.

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We all have legal rights, but it’s not always easy to access them. As Sir James Mathew, an Irish judge is said to have quipped, over one hundred years ago: in England, justice is open to all, “like the Ritz Hotel.”

In 2015, with this in mind, a former UN lawyer founded CrowdJustice – the first and only crowdfunding platform built for legal cases and projects with a mission to make the law more accessible to all.

Crowdfunding enables public-spirited individuals to get behind those who are facing difficult legal challenges, as well as those who are using the law proactively to create change. Funds raised go directly to the lawyer’s client account, which adds credibility to the campaign and comfort to backers, who know that funds raised are going directly to support a genuine legal case.
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