PCaW Safe Space response

29th January 2018

On 17 October 2016, the Department launched a consultation on “Providing a 'safe space' in healthcare safety investigations.

There were two main questions in the consultation:

Should the Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch (HSIB) be allowed to conduct reviews to learn lessons from safety incidents, which generate material (such as transcripts, witness statements from staff and patients involved in the incident, notes written by investigator, electronic recordings of interviews and other information generated by the investigation) that are non-disclosable and inadmissible, except on the order of the High Court – the ‘safe space’ principle, as exercised in other areas such as air safety?

Should NHS Trusts, NHS Foundation Trusts and other providers of NHS -funded health care be given the same ‘safe space’ function in their own lesson - learning reviews, additional to and separate from their liability - determining investigations?

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