Business Support Survey - How good are your arrangements?

16th August 2017

How close to a whistleblowing scandal is your organisation? As the UK's leading experts in whistleblowing, we know all too well what can go wrong, and in a very public way. We work with organisations across all sectors to ensure strong whistleblowing arrangements are in place.

"The promotion of an open and transparent workplace can act as an effective deterrent for wrongdoing. It can also act as an early warning system to prevent disaster and damage.We want whistleblowing to be seen as a positive action for both employers and employees," explains PCaW's Business Support Director Jon Cunningham.

Yet despite the potential risks at stake, our evidence shows many managers are failing to get training in handling concerns.

Take our short confidential 5 question survey to let us know how we can help you improve your workplace whistleblowing culture.

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