Advice Line Survey results are in....

19th July 2017

Public Concern at Work conducts an annual Advice Line Survey with whistleblowers who have contacted us for advice. The aim of the survey is to help our Advisers get a better understanding of caller outcomes/situations, as well as help identify areas where our Advice Line service can be improved. Speaking to whistleblowers also informs our policy and campaign work as well as our business support development.

PCaW contacted 322 callers who sought advice between January and December 2016. The following graphs show the responses that callers gave to questions about the advice provided by PCaW and improvements that could be made to PCaW.

The 2016 Advice Line Survey results demonstrate an improvement on 2015 results against a sample double in size. The following comparisons have been made to an average result from the last 5 years:

• 92% said the advice was clear and easy to understand. (Five-year average 91.3%)
• 79% said the advice was helpful. (Five-year average 76.5%)
• 75% said that they followed the advice. (Five- year average 74.74%)
• 86% said they would recommend the charity to someone who was unsure whether or how to raise a concern about malpractice. (Five-year average 86.72%)

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