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Advice Line

We provide independent and confidential advice to workers who are unsure whether or how to raise a public interest concern. Our advice line is managed by qualified lawyers with a wealth of experience in whistleblowing law and practice.

The advice we provide is:


Public Concern at Work operates as a legal advice centre designated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). Information that is communicated to us is subject to lawyer-client privilege and is also protected under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 (PIDA). We do not disclose any client information without express consent.


The public interest or the types of whistleblowing concerns that we can help you to raise usually involve matters where the interests of others are at risk; this may include fraud, abuse in care, public dangers, risks to consumers and significant regulatory breaches. We are not able to directly advise on private employment matters, such as personal contractual disputes, bullying or discrimination, however we may be able to direct you to another organisation that can. Click here for links to other advice services that may be able to help you.


Our advice focuses on the practical steps you can take to properly raise a concern with your employer organisation and we believe that genuine concerns are best raised openly rather than anonymously. We work on the basis that if a whistleblowing concern is raised constructively, a professional organisation will be able to deal with the concern promptly and effectively. While we will help you as best we can at any stage of the matter, it is important to note that the earlier we are approached, the more likely it is that we will be able to help you raise your concern swiftly and successfully.


We try to tailor our advice to each individual caller, so it is important that you are open and honest with us, as the advice we give is based on the information you provide. We may ask you a number of
questions to help us fully understand your concern. Please read these before calling us to get an idea of what information we will need from you. If you don't tell us all the relevant facts, you should not rely on our advice.


When you call us with a concern, we will keep a record of the key points and the advice that we give you. Where possible we ensure that you speak to the same adviser to ensure consistency. We will try to check that you have understood the advice we give and that you are clear about any further action required. This could include you contacting us with follow-up information or us contacting you with further advice. If your call does not fall within our remit, we will refer you on to an appropriate agency where possible.


We conduct regular feedback surveys with our advice line callers to monitor satisfaction with our service and the value of the advice given. We are pleased to say 90% of callers say they recommend our service and 97% found our advice clear and easy to understand. All our survey results can be found in our periodic reviews. You can also email us at to give us your feedback which will help us to improve our service and help others.