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Individual Advice

Do you have a concern about possible wrongdoing or malpractice in the workplace? Do you know how to raise your concern so that it can be resolved by your employer or addressed by a independent body?

We can help you.

We provide independent and confidential advice to workers who are unsure whether or how to raise a public interest concern. Our advice line is managed by qualified lawyers with a wealth of experience in whistleblowing law and practice.

Find out more about our confidential advice line

Follow guidance on the remit and scope of our advice. This explains what we can advise on and how we can help you.

Find answers to frequently asked questions(FAQs) about whistleblowing, legal protection and the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998.

See our case studies for examples of the types of concerns we can help you with. Follow details of the case, the advice we gave and the final outcome of each matter.


"The organisation’s advice was invaluable to myself and my colleague. Your worker was very understanding and obviously had excellent knowledge of legislation. I honestly do not know where we would have turned if PCaW did not exist. It is vital that you continue the great work you do and I would definitely recommend anyone who had any concerns to contact your charity." (Caller to PCaW advice line, 2015)

"Thank you for your fantastic advice/counsel - it was invaluable. PCAW is a brilliant concept and your support made a difficult situation much more manageable."
(Caller to PCaW advice line, 2014)

"To be able to pick up the phone and speak directly to an advisor was invaluable and really did make me feel that I was not alone... I really do think Public Concern at Work is an amazing organisation and I cannot speak too highly of the work you do."
(Caller to PCaW advice line, 2014)

"You helped me to step back and see the bigger picture, understand all of our options and helped me in particular try to remain calm in the face of extreme adversity."
(Caller to PCaW advice line, 2013)

"You enabled me to put my very serious concerns forward to my Organisation in an appropriate and articulate way. You also supported me in feeling safe and protected from any backlash.....I feel that PCAW is a vital resource that MUST be protected at all costs, as in my case it has safeguarded so many vulnerable adults and staff as well as re-established my trust in my Organisation to respond and protect me as a whistleblower."
(Caller to PCaW advice line, 2012)

"The quality of (the) advice was excellent, and (the adviser) fully explained the ins and outs of what is clearly a more complicated procedure than I had realised. I am grateful indeed to him and to your organisation."
(Caller to PCaW advice line, 2012)